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How To Read Wandering Alpha?

The main goal of this site is to inform you, the reader, of how things are and not how we would like them to be. While we understand and share the desire to think about things through a very optimistic and positive lens (after all, we are entrepreneurs), we always base our optimistic goals on the reality of the environment around us. This way, we can make plans with a higher degree of success as we see the battlefield for what it is and who is actually on the field waiting to fight us. As a result, we will always push you to look at what is there and what you will need to do and not tell you pleasant things that make you feel nice but only worsen your situation.

It’s also important to think for yourself. It's best to read everything objectively and critically. What works for one person will likely not work for you 100%. Every suggestion, plan, recipe, etc., has to be adapted to you and your goals. The only way to make something yours is to put your own touch on it. Don’t worry about making a mistake. They will happen no matter what, and those are the situations that help you learn your own recipe for success.  

We hope you enjoy this site as much as we enjoyed developing it. We're always happy to hear about any stories, suggestions, comments, etc., you have about what you read here.

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