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The Access Economy

“Well, we had to grow up some time.” 

What is The Access Economy?

The Access Economy is the big brother (or sister) of the sharing economy which started it all. Now you might be thinking, this sounds a lot like the sharing economy, so why is there another definition for it.  It's because "access" better describes how the system works than "sharing." While the sharing economy is/was dependent on individual private users sharing their cars, homes, or other goods, the access economy is built around the commercial/professional participants where no "sharing" is involved. Rather "access" is provided to a broad variety of cars, rooms, apartments, etc., when a user goes to book them. A prime example is Zipcar, Uber, and Airbnb, which are heavily populated by professional providers.

We know you might be trying to hold on to the idea that the sharing economy is still out there, but it's not really. Pretty much everything you do now via the various on-demand sites and apps would fall into "access" and not "sharing." Sorry!

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