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Gig Economy

"Nah, I just do this in my spare time to make some extra money."

And the Gig Economy, what is it?

The gig economy is a marketplace that services many of the on-demand companies. Gig's come in the form of dog walkers, errand runners, drivers, handymen, freelancers, and many others. What is key about the gig economy is the fact that all of the jobs are short-term/temporary and do not have regular hours, work guarantees, insurance, benefits, etc. They are there one day and gone the next in some cases. Companies like Uber made a gig platform for people looking to make some extra cash to pick up strangers and drive them to their destination. Another company like TaskRabbit made a gig platform to match people looking for extra money with a broad variety of chores people needed to be done around the city. 

But there is no guarantee for how many jobs a gig worker will get or how much they would earn on any given day or month. Sure someone can piece together a bunch of gigs to make ends meet, but it's far from ideal, and it's not an easy way to make a living. Granted, there are a lot of people who will rave about the benefits of working in the gig economy: make your own hours, only work when you want, only work on the things you want, flexible, and in some cases, the ability to work from anywhere. We are not saying you should participate in the gig economy, and we're not saying you shouldn't; We're just telling you what it is.

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