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A.I. Ethics Overview

In the simplest of terms, AI Ethics is how we design intelligent systems to treat all users fairly, equally, and transparently. What goes into an ethical system? What elements would an intelligent system have, and should it have to ensure that it is ethical? These are some of the questions that we will cover in this section on AI Ethics.

To start, we would like to list the Five Foundations of Ethical Artificial Intelligence from


  1. Inclusive

  2. Equitable

  3. Transparent & Explainable

  4. Accessible & Contestable

  5. Improves Quality of Life

On Wandering Alpha, we will go into Transparency & Explainability, Inclusivity (Gender, Race, and Diversity), the Business Case for Ethical AI, and the Regulatory Case for Ethical AI. To learn more about the other foundations, please visit

When reading this section, we would invite the business leaders, government leaders, academics, startup colleagues, and tech enthusiasts to take the following perspective: How do we improve the quality of the decisions coming out of our system? How do we improve the quality of the businesses we are creating? How do we ensure that truly everyone benefits from the increased automation in society?

Our vision is to work on these topics not only through our writings on the site but in partnership with you, the reader. As you go through this section and the rest of this site, we invite you to think about ways that we can improve the world of technology, business, and society together. 

What is AI Ethics, and why should you care? 

What is AI Ethics? Why is it important? Why will it impact all of us? 

Implementing Ethical AI isn’t only the right thing to do, it’s the profitable thing to do.

What is the regulatory case for Ethical AI?

Understand the importance of Transparency & Explainability in AI systems. 

What happens when intelligent models don’t accurately include or reflect all genders, races, groups? Why is it so important that models are designed with diversity in mind?

Where do we see AI Ethics going forward? How will it apply to companies and individuals?

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