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Are NFTs Here to Stay?

There is massive debate about the value of NFTs, the relevancy of NFTs, and most important, questions about whether NFTs will even be around in the future. Our opinion is that NFTs have value (more on this in the section on NFT Value). They are more relevant than most people give them credit for, and it’s our view that NFTs have a high likelihood of being around for the foreseeable future.

We take this view for the following reasons:


  • First, NFTs give all creators of digital the capability to profit from their work in the short and long term.


  • Second, NFTs can provide added trust to buyers of digital creative work since they will know what they are buying is authentic and verifiable.


  • Third, NFTs help to provide structure and order to the digital world that we all inhabit to varying degrees. As of this writing, when you produce creative digital work, it’s more the wild west of the early 1800s than the structured societies we inhabit in our physical lives.


  • Fourth, as more creators mint their creative works into NFTs and more buyers spend money on these NFTs, the ethical and legal ecosystems will be able to take root. Buyers will want to protect their investments, and creatives will want to protect their work. These two aspects would provide the optimal scenario for NFTs to then be applied to other less attractive but equally important areas. Think real estate, physical art, and any number of different asset classes.

Now, could we be wrong? Absolutely! However, in our estimation, it would appear that more winds from all directions support some if not all the positions above, which makes the likelihood of NFTs sticking around more probable.

Now, using these points above, we will build out the rest of the section on NFTs.

Don’t forget, if you think we missed something or just want to give us your thoughts, send us a message on our contact page here.

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