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Opportunities of The Fourth Industrial Revolution

“Turn your obstacles into opportunities and your problems into possibilities.” 
                                                                                      ― Roy T. Bennett

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will make more billionaires and millionaires than this world has ever known. More people from more areas of the world will have the opportunity to create technologies and companies that will change the world in ways we cannot even imagine. The rate of change in most industries is happening at such a fast pace that new opportunities are being created every day that can and should be taken advantage of by clever and talented people.

Established companies have a lot to gain from the 4IR but also a lot more to lose to they do not take advantage of the opportunities that will become their death sentence in the future. Companies who are not afraid to endure varying degrees of discomfort in pivoting their business models and core offerings to take advantage of the changes in the marketplace will be greatly rewarded. Companies with solid customer relationships will be best positioned to benefit from the rapid technological changes.

But this isn’t to say that there is only upside in the 4IR. At the same time, when people and companies will be making new fortunes, many others will be falling by the wayside and go out of business. People and companies who do not adapt to the changes of the 4IR will find themselves at a significant disadvantage and may indeed lose most, if not everything, they have worked so hard to gain. This is one of the numerous reasons we launched Wandering Alpha so that people and companies who believe the changes and disruptions from the 4IR do not apply to them can be brought to reality.

So, to put it bluntly: there are huge opportunities if you pivot and change direction and a huge cliff straight ahead.

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